Wearing Colorful Clothes Can Recharge Your Spirit

During heightened times of uncertainty or turmoil, wearing colorful clothes can act as an antidote to psychological discomfort. “Color can lift your mood,” says Jane Boddy, a color expert based in the U.K. Psychological research has also proved this.

Boddy says it’s only in the past seven years or so that color in fashion has become such a constant focus, with much of its impact driven by the overwhelming success of millennial pink, a pale pink that’s thought to have picked up steam when Apple released the first rose gold iPhone in 2015 (the iPhone 6).

Color and emotion are distinctly related. Why? Wearing different colors can help us call in specific feelings energetically. “Color is energy,” says Susanna Merrick, an aura stylist based in New York. The effect of color on emotion is more or less the basis of Merrick’s work.


In classic and early modern Europe, green is a common color with wealth, businessmen, bankers and gentlemen, and red is preserved as a noble. For this reason, the clothing of Mona Lisa, the British Bench of Leonardo Da Vinci and the British public is green, and the Holler's house is red. It also has a long history of traditional, as the color of Ireland and Gael culture. This is the historic color of Islam, representing the dense vegetation of paradise. This is the color of the Muhammad banner and found in almost all Islamic countries. Green is colors related to nature, life, health, youth, spring, hopes and jealousy. When we put on the green series of clothes, we will naturally make us vibrant.


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 Listening to Blues isn’t that bad, and neither is wearing a blue piece in your outfit. Today, we’re looking at what the color blue means in clothing, and its psychological effects on people. And no, it’s not some kind of hoodoo thing. Or is it?

Whether it is or not, your goal for today is to gain knowledge on the meaning of the color blue in clothing. As you learn, your next step is developing an understanding of how you can apply it in your own style.The blue hue is the color blue in its fully-blown saturated state. In this state, blue has a lot of intensity, and you could say it’s ‘colorful’ or vivid compared to the other versions.


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